Brian Young

I'm a forward-thinking digital marketer & web developer who is focused on optimizing what works, and pivoting what doesn't. Data-driven, socially conscious, and transparent. Send me an email and let's chat!

What I Do

Custom Landing Pages and Web Apps

Using everything from WordPress to scratch designs created with Bootstrap & JS, I can build front-end web apps and landing pages to ensure client success and ad attribution.

Vet New Ad Mediums

There's always a new method to get time in front of people's eyeballs. I'm focused on testing which ones will succeed for clients and partners.

Custom Dashboards

Using Google Data Studio, Google Sheets or BigTable, I can spin up real-time dashboards that provide transparent insights into the performance of your campaigns


Blogs and articles covering new and emerging digital trends and how to leverage them to fill paid media gaps in the changing digital landscape.

Cross Platform Ad Campaigns

To increase conversions, I design campaigns that meet the desired user where they are and when they're accepting information across multiple touchpoints.

Cross Platform Results

Loads of experience using Google Tag Manager, Google Sheets, and Google Data Studio to collect data from paid and organic campaigns in one easy to read and understand report for clients and stakeholders.

Optimize Workflows

Specialize in low friction high reward workflow standardization. Whether it be a more straightforward QA process, UTM standardization tool, or just getting GTM tags under control, I'm sure I can help.


Years of SEO and SEM experience allow me to use paid search to bolster organic results and get a client's message to the top of Google.

Fun Facts

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